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technical analysis

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis will be drafted to your mail in this type of plan regularly. Subscribers will receive an SMS and an email whenever such analysis is sent through. The immediate notifications mean you can implement the analysis in a speedy manner and make the appropriate decisions to make profits. Primarily for those who are bogged down by the sheer amount of tracking currency trading requires. Of course, for those who are risk averse, we offer A FREE TRIAL of this plan for 14 days so that you can gauge our service. You can opt out of it anytime if you don’t happen to like our service. A month’s subscription of this service shall cost you 29 USD. If you are one of those people who can’t keep a track of your monthly expenses and bills, we have the quarterly and annual subscription of this service available too.

Trade Signal

Trade Signals

Trade signals with a clear stop loss and targets outlined are the main feature of this subscription plan. All the signals are again straightaway propelled to your inbox, with an SMS notification. This plan comes without incisive analysis though, so your Whys and Hows of a market movement will go unanswered. For a person who needs just basic signals, this plan more than suffices. If you buy add-on with analysis, means you gain an edge with a deep knowledge of the upticks or corrections in the market, meaning your investments will have a well-grounded foundation. As they say, knowledge is power. This power could be wielded by you and put to great use in the trading world. If you’re a bit skeptical, you can try this plan out for 14 days FOR FREE! It’s a limited period offer as we’ve just rolled out these plans.

Managed Account without Analysis

Some people wanting to invest in the currency markets cannot do so because of time constraints. We’ve the Managed Account especially for such clients. You don’t have to move a finger as your account is figuratively on autopilot. Our experts spot the outlier trends and then take a profitable action for your account. Plus, it’s as secure as it can get. We also have a special demo account for 14 days just for you, so grab the freebie before the offer ends! Elaboration of how the simplicity of this offer is in order. All Managed Accounts are managed in real time by our experts and are not automated with the help of bots, so that your account gets personalized attention. You just have to pay a commission for any profit that we make on your capital investment so no extra fees for the privilege. For instance, if HTG makes a profit of 200 dollars on your investment of 1000 dollars, you don’t have to pay any other fees apart from the commission for the profit. You don’t have to part with your capital too. Basically, you give us the capital and we will do the hard work for you for free. It couldn’t get better than this.

Mentorship & Education Service

For the rookies wanting to learn the tricks of the trade, we are delighted to inform you about a planned Mentorship & Education Service. You shall have access to our professional traders via videoconferencing. A vast repository of material shall be made available to you for informational purposes so that you can ratchet up your technical knowhow required for independent trading. You will be allotted a mentor who shall walk you through the intricacies of currency trading. As an added bonus, you will have access to webinar lectures held by expert traders. If you’re interested in such a plan, drop us a mail so that we know we’ve enough demand to accelerate the development. If enough people request us, you can expect such a service in the coming months. Keep a watch on this space for this feature’s imminent rollout.

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