What is Hoag Trading?

Hoag Trading is a revolutionary bouquet of online services that will keep traders up-to-date with the most relevant market research and forecasts. The famed Elliott Wave Theory that is trusted by traders the world over to analyse financial market cycles forms the groundwork of our services. We offer a variety of services, ranging from regular analysis delivered to your mail to a full-fledged Managed Account wherein we work behind the scenes and execute orders for you, acting as your own private concierge. For more information, head over to the About Us page.

What is this Elliot Wave Theory that you guys keep mentioning?

A very relevant question indeed. Ralph Elliott established the Elliott Wave Theory in the 1930s by noticing that stock markets had a definitive cyclic pattern behind them. The cycles of the market were apparently a result of the dominant crowd psychology. Elliott found that the vicissitudes of the crowd psychology came up always during his researches, which were divvied into arrangements that were labelled "waves". This theory was put into practical use in the 1970s and has since then been accepted and hailed by the trader community worldwide. You can read more about the Theory and adjudge its credibility by yourself.

Why should I subscribe to your services?

Consider HTG as your mentor-cum-companion. You shall have access to our dependable advice collated after a deep analysis of the markets.

Do you provide trading signals?

Yes, we do provide trading signals. Click on ‘Services’ and ‘Subscription’ to know more.

How many markets do you cover?

Currently, we span the breadth of major currencies, if and when trading opportunity arises.

What all commodities do you cover?

We also trade in Gold, Silver and Oil, amongst other common commodities.

Do you advise on stock prices for the indices?

Unfortunately, we do not cover the indices presently. But you can stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter so that you will be the first person to know when we do launch a service for the major indices!

Can I find educational/informational training packages on your website?

Glad you asked. We are planning to roll out top-notch informational videos, a mentorship program and frequent webinar lectures to educate the layman about the market happenings in the near future. Subscribe to our website to learn if and when such service is introduced.

What does the free Trial Plan include?

The free Trial Plan includes Trade Analysis and Trade Signals for a limited period. Managed Account is also available for evaluation purposes - unfortunately, only a demo account is supported in the same and not a real, legitimate account.

Can I cancel my subscription/trial plan any time I want?

Yes, of course, you can cancel your subscription as per your wishes, although we’ll be sad to see you go. You just have to revoke the recurring payments made to us from your PayPal account.

How can I cancel my Trial Plan if I paid with a credit card?

Please contact our Customer Care Representative at xyz@abc.com for such cancellations. Rest assured, it shall take us a day to process your request.

What exactly is this Managed Account?

In a nutshell, Managed Account = your account + our effort. Which means you don’t have to manage your portfolio at all. You don’t have to stay updated with the signals and the beacons and the alphas. They will be taken care of and then incorporated in our decisions as we will wisely take actions on your behalf. We suggest this for the ones who are short on time and would prefer professionals handling your portfolio. Your account will be in safe hands and you’ll both save time and money so peace of mind is guaranteed. Prices vary, since it’s a revenue sharing model, so you will pay more if we earn more profit for you. Consider us your partners in your investment endeavours if you choose the Managed Account plan. Also, if you choose to opt for analysis with this plan, you will have to pay 20 dollars more. All payments for a Managed Account have to be made towards the month end.

Is Managed Account secure enough?

No doubt about it. Our site is secure enough according to the latest security directives. Our employees don’t actually gain access to your account and dig into your account history. We just spot the best signals and then just save you the trouble of taking an action on such signals. You can review your privacy by contacting our customer service rep for queries.

Have any other burning questions? ‘Contact Us’ link. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

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