Hoag Trading Group (HTG) was founded with a well-grounded belief to revolutionist the forex trading services market. At our heart is a ground-breaking theory called the Elliott Wave Principle, which found its roots in the 1940s, and is a radical technical analysis to sift through past statistics to forecast the future movements of the market, so that our clients are always the ones with the winning strides. The founder of HTG has a vast experience of more than six years trading in currencies, commodities and metals, bringing unsurpassed wisdom and expertise to the table and making trading conveniently accessible and profitable.

Who We Do?

HTG, with its unique methodology to single out excellent signals,is conversant with the complex functioning of the markets under the hood. We decode the pertinent data and provide clients with tailored analysis and robust signals.

How We Do?

We harness the raw potential of the Elliott Wave Theory and its spin-offs to give our clients accurate forecasts and information about imminent upticks in currency, commodities and metals markets. The signals are first picked up manually and then effectively executed with the help of Elliott Wave, Trendline and a few other proprietary indicators.

Advantage over Competitors

Our proprietary technology, our assiduous attention to detail and our professional service separate us from the herd of ubiquitous trading services. We have the best interests of our customers at our heart - the interest of our customers is what drives this whole ethos at HTG. With this impeccable service obtainable, it’s hard to imagine why you will even bother to search for our competitors.

What You Gain

You gain an edge in this cutthroat world of trading with giant trading houses and swarms of computers that chug away munching on data. It’s as simple as it gets. You will now have the tools and signals to decide your future course-of-action and to turn your dreams into a profitable reality. As an added bonus, you also get a highly qualified customer service team at your beck and call. When you sign up for the Managed Account, your account is in the safest hands without you having to worry about your portfolio. With time and money both on your side, you shall be invincible.

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