I was taken aback by my Managed Account’s efficacy! Kept logging in once and a while out of curiosity and each time my profits kept racking up. HTG is simply incredible – they’ve redefined forex trading.
Shantha ,
I considered Currency trading to be something which is arcane and generally inaccessible. After I came across HTG and their services, the curious I decided to give it their services a try. I was given a demo account first so that I could pick up the basic tricks. As I mastered trading, I went ahead and got myself a trading alert subscription. Their customer reps were always patient and ready to put my doubts to rest. I soon progressed and today I am proud to say I’m a talented enough currency trader, with HTG powering my upward growth!
Maitray ,
Considering my primary job require full time and not able to put more efforts on Forex market, I choose Auto trading and subscribed few trading newsletters. But nothing helping me to reduce my stress of keeping a position opened. I joined HTG's managed account service where all daily routine of placing trades, closing and managing those trades are taken care by expert team of traders. I need to review my balance sheet every month end and pay percentage commission only from earning month. Loosing month just not counted !!! Awesome business model. It's win / win for all parties. I strongly recommend anyone who is serious about Forex business. HTG will be your preferred partner.
Steve ,